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Welcome to Australian Migration and Citizenship Consultancy


Migrating to Australia is a major emotional and financial investment involving you, your family and your future. This is a decision that requires reliable advice, planning and guidance throughout the process. You will need professional advice and assistance with the visa application and supporting documentation.


You will need general information about Australian tax, employment, schooling and education, housing, investments, business opportunities and a range of other services. You will receive all of this information and much more, as a client of Australian Migration and Citizenship Consultancy.


We professionally represent business people, skilled migrants and family members wanting to migrate to join their loved ones and relatives in Australia . We are also experts at preparing sponsorships and work permits on behalf of Australian corporations and business that need to recruit from outside Australia .


Through our established partnerships with a number of Australian companies, we can provide you with a bridge to the Australian business community, and introduce you to a number of valuable relationships that will assist with your transition to Australia .


We are a "one-stop-shop" for all your Australian immigration needs and associated services.

We wish to contribute to your future success in Australia .


Yours faithfully,






Australian Migration & Citizenship Consultancy



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AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION & CITIZENSHIP CONSULTANCY is an affiliated agent for TAFE of Western Australia, and Central Queensland University.
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