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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


1.      Why do I need Australian Migration & Citizenship Consultancy – AMCC?

Although Australia welcomes highly qualified migrants with relevant skills and work experience, there is limit to the number of visas granted each year. Thus, every year, more applicants than spaces available are applying and numbers of prospective migrants are refused in their applications for a migrant visa to Australia . Furthermore, there does not exist a right of appeal against a visa refusal unless the application was made in Australia or if an Australian citizen, permanent resident or organization in Australia sponsored the applicant. This means that only the well-prepared applications can be granted an approval for migration to Australia . By using the services of Australian Migration & Citizenship Services you are offered a detailed knowledge of Australian immigration rules and professional help in processing your visa application. You are also protected from any mistake that may cost you time and money or even lead to being refused in your application for migration to Australia .


2.      If I choose Australian Migration & Citizenship Consultancy (AMCC) to help with my visa application, what services will be provided?

You would be provided with documents and data lists required for the application, we would complete the relevant forms for you, represent you in your application to the Australian High Commission, and keep you informed on the progress of the application. We would deal with all issues relating to the application as they arise, as well as respond promptly to any questions that you might have.

3.      How do I know my chances of being granted a migrant visa to Australia ?

We will carefully assess your background in a preliminary assessment before accepting your application. We only represent clients who we believe might be successful in their application for migration to Australia

In addition to your fee, what are the other costs for making an application for General Skilled Migration to Australia ?

The costs involved depend on the visa category under which you apply. Generally there is a specific application fee that varies according to the visa category. You will also have to pay for your skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority, for police clearances and for medical examinations

4.      Does the visa application cover my spouse and children?

If you are the principal applicant, the visa application can include your family. If this is the case, only you need to satisfy the main criteria. The family unit can include the your husband/wife, dependent children and other dependants such as aged parents. Dependent children are usually under the age of 18, but older children may still be considered as dependent if you prove them to be wholly and substantially reliant on your financial, food, shelter and other support and prove that they are more reliant on you than on any other person.

5.      How long does it take to process my application?

In fact, there are various types of applications and each of which has a specific time-frame for processing by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship depending on the priority the application has such as an occupation in demand, state sponsorship, ..etc. However, generally, this process takes 12 months up to 15 months.

6.      How often does the Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL) change?

According to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship, "The MODL is reviewed twice a year to take into consideration existing and emerging skills shortages. This does not mean the list is changed twice a year. Changes only occur if there has been a significant change in labor market trends."

7.      Are there any requirements in respect to my English language?

Yes, as long as you are not from a native English speaking country such as UK , Canada , New Zealand , USA and Ireland , you will be required to sit for the IELTS English test.

8.      What is the IELTS exam?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, which is an international test that tests the FOUR main language skills (Listening, Writing, Reading , and Speaking). There are two modules of the IELTS (GENARAL TRAINING & ACADEMIC). The academic module is required for some specific occupations such as the pharmacists, medical practitioners, ..etc; while the general training module is required for anyone seeks to migrate to Australia .

9.      Can AMCC get my original documents certified and translated?

Of course, yes. Certification is a FREE service we provide to our clients through the Australian mission. In addition, we arrange for our clients to get their documents translated through professional translation agencies that are accredited by the Australian Mission in Egypt .

10.  Do I have to sit for Medical Examinations – and where?

Yes, you will be asked to sit for medical examinations, and this is most likely at a later stage through your application process. Medical Examinations have to be done through Registered Panel Doctors according to the Departments of Immigration & Citizenship's guidelines.

For Egypt ,

Anglo-American Hospital
El Borg Street
, Al-Gezira,
Zamalek, Cairo
Telephone: +20 (2) 2735-4676, (6162)-(6165)
Dr Magda Habib
Dr Eman Kamal
Dr Ihab Sameeh
(Radiology facility also available)

11.  What is "Qualification Assessment"?

Qualification Assessment is known as "Skill Assessment" and this process is a prerequisite for applying for a visa. This process has to be done through Australian Assessing Authority relevant to your nominated occupation.

12.  What if I do not have post-graduate degree and I have extensive work experience in a trade profession – do I qualify?

You might be qualified for a migration visa with no post-graduate degree (in some cases with no qualifications at all) - providing that you have extensive work experience in a trade profession that appears over the Australian Occupation Demand List. You have to provide adequate work references to proof your working experience.

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