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The new migration changes that affected new applicants starting of September 1st Year 2007 – (01/09/2007):

The new migration changes put emphasize over the following issues in respect to the migration requirements:



The English language threshold will be raised from VOCATIONAL (IELETS level 5.0) to COMPETENT (IELTS level 6.0) and the claimed points for the English language will change.


(IELTS level 5.0)       ONLY for Trades-People

(IELTS level 6.0)       15 Points

(IELTS level 7.0)       25 Points


Family Sponsored

Family Sponsorship pass mark will be reduced with no bonus claimed points. The pass mark is being reduced from 110 to 100 and applicant can no longer receive the bonus 15 points as before.


Moreover, SSASSL to be eliminated - Applicants who have relatives live in Sydney , Newcastle , Wollongong , or NSW Central Coast , their occupation has to be on a special, restrictive list, however, through the new changes, this list will be removed and revert to the General Skilled Occupation List (SOL).


Recent Experience

Applicants need to prove that they have 12 months work experience out of the last 24 in order to apply for skilled migration.



Applicants can ONLY claim MODL points if they have been employed in that occupation, or a closely related occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), for the last 12 of the last 48 months.


In other words, recent, related work experience is critical in claiming MODL points.


Capital Investment

There will no longer be 5 bonus points for capital investment in Australia .


Australian Experience

There will be 10 points to be claimed for completing a total of 12 months' skilled work experience in Australia in the last 48 months.


Australian Studies

If you complete advanced studies in Australia you will be awarded more points


Doctorate 25 points (currently 15)

Masters or Bachelors with Honors 15 points (currently 10)


Skilled Independent Regional

Pass mark will be reduced for living in a regional area.


Applicants are required to score 100 instead of 110, as there will be 10 points to be added for nomination by a state government.



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